Tire pressure is #1 gas waster

iStock_000002273867XSmallDid you know that the #1 factor that can decrease your gas mileage is your tire pressure.  Yes, it’s true.

Here’s how to think of it.  Have you ever rode your bicycle with low tires?  You had to work harder right.  When you inflated the tires, it became easier to pedal.  The same thing happens with your car.

Keep your tires PROPERLY inflated has many benefits beyond gas mileage.  It helps keep the maximum amount of tread on the road. That helps keep your care as safe as possible in many ways.  Your braking distance in an emergency stop can also be affected by tire pressure.

This does not mean you should OVER – INFLATE.  You SHOULD NOT.  It means you should inflate your tires to the recommended levels for your car and its tire specifications.

If you are not sure what PSI you tires should be inflated to, ask us next time you’re in.  We will look up your car and tire specs and give you our recommendations based on other factors like driving habits.

We hope this helps you.  Check back soon for other topics and tips to help you with your car.