Don’t neglect your cabin air filter

iStock_000000587785XSmallMany people don’t know it but they have a filter that blocks harmful particles from entering your passenger cabin of your car.  When you turn on the AC or the heater, the air flows through that air filter.

Many people are just not aware of this filter.  Therefore, they never have it changed.  Just think of your home heater’s air filter and how you change that every year.  If you have ever looked at that filter, you would see a lot of junk that has collected there.  The same holds true for your car’s cabin air filter.

With the AC and heater, condensation can collect on this filter.  Add that moisture to all the little particles that have built up and you have a great breeding ground for mold and mildew.  In fact, if you smell a musty odor, it is probably coming from the neglect of that filter.

Turning on that AC and blowing that mold and mildew right into your face does not seem like a good idea now that you know what is happening.

It’s a good idea to change the cabin air filter every year or so for most vehicles.  It’s an inexpensive item and most cars must have a qualified service person do this.   We have provided this service for 100’s of our customers over the years.

Next time you’re in, ask about your cabin air filter and take a breath of fresh air.