Air Conditioning Problems

Here are some common symptoms to AC Problems in your car:

  • Loud noises under the hood when the AC is turned on
  • Cool air is intermittent
  • Air is not cold enough

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, its time for an Air Conditioning checkup.  Our Air Conditioning Systems do need inspections periodically.  The most common problems in your AC system stems from leaks.  The AC fluid (sometimes referred to Freon) may leak out of the system for a variety of reasons.  Also water and air can leak into the system.

When the AC system doesn’t have enough refrigerant (aka Freon), it won’t cool properly or at all.  Additionally when there is air in the system it won’t function correctly.  Finally, when water is introduced into the AC system, it can cause deterioration of internal parts and cause major damage.

We look after all of these things for you when we inspect your AC system.  Regular and proper AC system inspections can save you money by preventing big problems.

It’s also a good tip to run your Air Conditioning System periodically even during our Utah winters.  It helps keep the system lubricated and that can help prevent cracks and leaks.  If you want more information about your AC system, ask the next time you’re in the shop.

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